Episode 364: “Should I send all of my paid traffic to my Diamond funnel; or just make sure I am using my affiliate link?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the beach in Jamaica at the Diamond Mastermind  with Diamond members Tom and Jacira Minar who live in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Tom and Jacira want to know if they should be sending all of their paid traffic to their MOBE-built, Diamond funnel or just make sure that they are using their affiliate links.

I explain the difference between just using your affiliate links and using your own self-branded funnel. In both cases the leads will be followed up by our MOBE phone team; however, using your own funnel will allow you to build a list in which you can communicate and create relationships with the people on that list.

I talk about the importance of creating your own list – the most valuable asset to your business.

I discuss how providing valuable content to your list on a daily basis should always be geared toward moving your leads toward a buying decision.

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