Episode 367: “How do I overcome the time lag before my first sale and avoid the temptation to quit?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the beach in Jamaica at the Diamond Mastermind  with Diamond members Linda Gould and Marilyn Sandoval who are a mother/daughter team who live in the midwest of the United States. Linda and Marilyn want to know how to overcome the frustration that comes when you are first getting started, waiting for your first sale, and how to keep motivated when you want to quit.

I talk about the time lag between learning the skills you need to have in order to bring in sales and actually acquiring your first customer.

I discuss the importance of enjoying the process and embracing the learning process it takes to become an entrepreneur.

I explain what an asset my early struggles became as a part of my success and how I have been able to utilize those struggles in order to share my experience with other struggling entrepreneurs.

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