Episode 369: “Have you considered getting a Better Business Bureau rating and publishing it to reduce skepticism and show that MOBE is the real deal?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the beach in Jamaica at the Diamond Mastermind  with Diamond member Shawn Darden who lives in the United States.  Shawn wants to know if we have ever considered securing a Better Business Bureau rating and publicizing it to show that MOBE is the real deal.

I explain that as an Australian, previously, I didn’t know what that was; but because the Better Business Bureau is such an important organization in America, and since we have a lot of customers in America, MOBE is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Currently, MOBE has an A rating.

I talk about the importance of using the best success stories in your marketing because that is what inspires people and also that is what works – even though people will sometimes think the results are too good to be true.

I discuss the integrity you must have with your business and the necessity of disclosing that often the success stories you see are not representative of the average results of your customer base.  You should always include true and accurate earning disclosures in your marketing.

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