Episode 374: “How important is it for entrepreneurs to stay true to themselves?”

Today’s episode was recorded on my hotel balcony at the Platinum Mastermind  in the Canary Islands with Diamond members Esther Ullrich and Moti Argaman who live in Germany. Esther and Moti want to know how important is it for entrepreneurs to stay true to themselves when trying to attract new prospects.

I explain that it can be very common for a new marketer to feel as if they must be greater than they are when they are just getting started.

I talk about the importance of being yourself when you are marketing and creating your own brand because if you are not authentic – people can see right through that facade.

I discuss how much people will appreciate your honesty – even if you do don’t feel confident in what you are presenting. Your authentic self will be much better received by your audience than anyone else you are trying to copy.

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