Episode 376: “How can I recruit my friends who already have established businesses?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a bus during an activity day at the Platinum Mastermind in the Canary Islands with Diamond member Elsie Lim who lives in Singapore.  Elsie wants to know what is the best way to introduce MOBE to her friends who may already have established businesses.

I talk about two different avenues that you can pursue when promoting MOBE to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship.

I discuss MOBE’s business education platform through MOBE Marketplace where we offer hundreds of products that can help small business owners with various solutions to their current challenges.

I explain that introducing a MOBE product as a solution; followed by a good experience can lead to deeper discussions and possibly a more extensive relationship with that customer.

To learn how to build your own online business, you can join the MOBE Affiliate Program.

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