Episode 386: “How comfortable are you with the attention you receive due to your success?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a bus during an activity day at the Platinum Mastermind in the Canary Islands with Platinum member David Franzen who lives in Florida in the United States. David wants to know if I am comfortable with the amount of attention I get from others because of my success in this industry.

I talk about how first and foremost, I am extremely grateful for the successes that I have had and while sometimes it still surprises me, I enjoy it when attendees at our events want to ask me questions or take my picture.

I explain that my introverted personality sometimes conflicts with the social nature of our business; yet I had learn early on to push myself and embrace the attention even though sometimes I would prefer to be alone in my room working.

I discuss the relativity of that attention, which may occur during our many events throughout the year; however, on most days, I’m just a normal guy running my business from my office in Malaysia.

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