Episode 393: “What were your fears when you first got started in business and how did you overcome them?”

Today’s episode was recorded in my hotel suite after the first day of the Platinum Mastermind  in the Canary Islands with Diamond member Tiffany Ngu who, like me,  lives in Malaysia. Tiffany wants to know what my fears were when I first got started in business and how was I able to overcome them.

I explain that I’ve been an aspiring entrepreneur since I was a small child; but my entry into internet marketing began when I was still as student at university in Western Australia in 2008.

I talk about my many, many fears – including my fear of failure and the fear of facing all of my friends and family who thought I should give up my business and get a “real” job.

I discuss how I faced each of those fears – and how I had to push myself to act – in spite of my fear; so that I would be able to find success in my business.

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