Episode 394: “How would you define your philosophy that ‘Good enough is good enough’?”

Today’s episode was recorded on my hotel balcony at the Platinum Mastermind  in the Canary Islands with Diamond members Moti and Esther Argaman, who live in Germany. Moti says that he struggles with being a perfectionist and he wants to know if I can clarify what I mean with I say that ‘good enough is good enough’.

I talk about my similar struggles with wanting things to be perfect and how that allowed me to procrastinate instead of taking action.

I discuss strategies I used to push myself to take action – even when that action did not create the perfect product.

I explain what I learned from those experiences including recognizing that for most of my audience, a less than perfect product (that I could go back and improve after the fact) was much more valuable to others than wasting time by not executing anything because it wasn’t perfect from the beginning.

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