Episode 399: “What key staff should you hire first as you begin to scale up?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage at the Leverage Summit that took place in the three days before the Titanium Mastermind in Pattaya, Thailand. The question comes from Titanium consultant, Robert Bourne, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. Robert wants to know which key staff positions you should fill when you begin to scale up your business.

I explain that as your business begins to grow and you begin to bring in consistent sales, the best way to reach the next level is to leverage the time and talents of other people in order to help you grow.

I talk about the importance of outsourcing administrative tasks that are necessary to your business; yet don’t directly bring in revenue dollars.

I discuss the most crucial part of your business to build; which is the sales and marketing elements that will infuse actual dollars into your business – so that you can continue to leverage your time.

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