Episode 405: “How can I improve my website and my blog to make it more attractive and active?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage at the SuperCharge Summit in Las Vegas in March 2016.  In this special episode I provide an in-depth analysis of the website and blog of another MOBE Consultant. Today I answer this question from Diamond consultant, Jill Veverka, who lives in California on the west coast of the United States.  Jill wants to know what tips I can give her to improve her website and her blog that was set up as part of her Diamond Mastermind funnel fulfillment.

I discuss a misconception that I often see in our niche and talk about why your blog should never be used as your primary process for customer acquisition.

I explain how a lead capture pages works and why it is a much more efficient way to build your list.

I talk about how to make the best use of your autoresponder; and how to create an environment where you can attract the highest quantity of quality leads.

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