Episode 409: “How can I improve my conversions to the 21 Step program?”

Today’s episode was  recorded during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, after dinner one night with Diamond member Paul Thomas, who is from Houston, Texas, in the US.  Paul says he has a list  that he is communicating with regularly but he isn’t getting the conversions he would like and wants to know what he can to to improve on this.

I explain that I struggled with the same thing when I was starting out.

I discuss statistical averages for our niche and explain that because open rates are really low for this type of marketing, your list may need to be much bigger than you think in order to start seeing results.

I talk about several strategies you can implement in order to continue to increase your list and help with your engagement with your leads; which should then start to lead to some actual sales.

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