Episode 410: “What is the best way to approach someone planning to invest in a franchise business and offer them a different option?”

Today’s episode was  recorded during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, after dinner one night with Diamond member Ann Kesselman, who lives in Florida in America.  Ann wants know the best way to approach a person who might already be planning to invest in a franchise opportunity and offer them a different opportunity instead – namely a fully positioned investment in MOBE.

I discuss the draw that attracts business owners to franchise opportunities and discuss some of the similarities between a franchise opportunity and some of the system procedures that are done for you in the top-tier direct sales niche.

I talk about the value of hiring a good copywriter who could draft an excellent sales letter that could speak to a specific audience of aspiring franchisees who might be interested in a alternative investment.

I discuss ways of targeting your advertising to reach that specific audience.

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