Episode 412: “How can I leverage introducing a live event to my business model to improve my conversions?”

Today’s episode was  recorded during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, after dinner one night with Diamond member Dan Falkenberg from Minnesota in the US. Dan wants to know how he can improve his conversions by introducing live events to leverage his business model.

I talk about the most important component of a live event, which is to offer something of interest and of value to your audience and remember that your event should never be promoted as a sales presentation.

I discuss how you should always make it a point to present your content in such a way that it moves your audience closer and closer to a buying decision.

I explain that once you set your first preview event and do it several times, you will get better and better at all phases of it  – marketing, content, presentation, followup, etc.  Soon it will become an key part of your business model.

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