Episode 415: “Is a social media presence required for an internet business, or can you be successful with just email marketing?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage at the Leverage Summit that took place in the three days before the Titanium Mastermind in Pattaya, Thailand. The question comes from Titanium consultant, Jaime Ng who lives in Malaysia.  Jamie wants to know if it’s possible to build an internet business solely with email marketing, or is it necessary to have a social media presence; as well as, using additional communication channels.

I explain that it is possible to build your business and do well using email marketing as your sole communication channel; however, to so you need to have good copywriting skills and your followup must be exemplary.

I talk about how reluctant I was to  join the communication age in the beginning; because I didn’t like seeing myself on camera and hearing my voice on audio.  Facing that fear and reluctance was a huge turning point in my own business.

I discuss the fact that while you may experience good results using only email marketing, your chances of success are greatly increased if you can utilize several communication channels.

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