Episode 416: “How do you get beyond the fear of making a large financial investment into your business?”

Today’s episode was  recorded while on a white water rafting activity during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Chan Nguyen Vong who lives in Singapore.  Chan wants to know how to get over the fear of making a large financial investment in your business.

I talk about how I can completely relate to this question because at a very early stage of building my business I was faced with the challenge of investing every penny I had saved into my new internet business.

I discuss  how I understood that investment had the potential to completely transform my life and how I realized that if I was 100% committed and focused and  made myself completely accountable for my results, then I knew that could not fail.

I explain that the only way that you can truly fail is if you give up.

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