Episode 418: “What is the best strategy for email automation and segmentation to my various lists?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage at the Leverage Summit that took place in the three days before the Titanium Mastermind in Pattaya, Thailand. The question comes from Titanium consultant Danny McRonald who lives in the UK.  Danny is promoting 2 different offers that are specifically targeted to certain audiences and uses an email followup sequence to communicate to the opt-ins on these lists.  Danny wants to know the best way to automate and segment his  autoresponder and his follow-up to his various audiences.

I explain that this question is very good question but does not apply to a level one consultant who is just now beginning to build his list.  (I don’t want to confuse new consultants or over-complicate things for someone just getting getting started.)

I talk about follow up sequences, in general, and discuss guidelines for their timing and for your implementation.

I give some suggestions (directed only to a seasoned consultant) to mainstream your broadcast email process.

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