Episode 425: “What is the best way to promote multiple offers if I am an affiliate for several companies?”

Today’s episode was  recorded from the stage during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Venkat Ramineedi, who lives in the US.  Venkat wants to know if you are an affiliate for several different companies, what is the best way to promote all of your interests without confusing your audience.

I explain that while it’s not a bad idea to have multiple streams of income, you should focus on one program at a time if you are brand new.

I discuss the importance of showing your audience a consistency in your marketing; whereas, if you are promoting one product one day and another product the next,  you may reflect a lack of commitment to your customers and appear as someone who just wants to make sales.

I talk about ways to promote multiple products and companies after you have established your business and have set a good relationship with your audience.

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