Episode 428: “For a newbie, what’s the best revenue producing product that MOBE offers?”

Today’s episode was  recorded at the world famous Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Carl Law who lives in America. Carl wants to know the most revenue producing product that MOBE currently offers; especially for someone new to internet marketing.

I explain that MOBE currently has hundreds of products offered on MOBE Marketplace and we are adding new products every week.

I discuss our most recent front end product 17 Minutes Only which is our basic 21-Step program  that has been promoted to several different target audiences using different marketing on the front end.

I talk about how this front in offer has sold over 140,000 units since it was introduced in 2013 and includes one-on-one coaching and done-for-you services to help guide a customer though the basics of building an online business.

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