Episode 431: “How do you know when to start outsourcing some of your activities?”

Today’s episode was  recorded while on a bus traveling to a white water rafting activity during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Dan Falkenberg who lives in Rosemount, Minnesota, in the US. Dan wants to know how you know it’s time to start outsourcing some of the activities you are doing in your business.

I talk about my own personal experience and describe a few different scenarios in which you want to outsource specific one-off jobs within your business that can be done by an expert instead of you spending time learning something you don’t necessarily need to learn.

I discuss some the differences between essential and non-essential activities; as well as high leveraged activities that bring actual customers and sales into to the mix.

I explain how you can identify those differences and how utilizing that knowledge will allow you to scale  your business to the next level.

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