Episode 445: “How much of your revenue are you willing to invest in your own education?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the film studio we created at the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Kevin Klaus who lives in America.  Kevin wants to know how much of my income I am comfortable investing into my own education or into mentorship.

I talk about the investments I have made into my own education this year and share that I will always search for ways to educate myself – either with new mentor consulting or by purchasing new digital products.

I discuss the various periods of explosive growth in MOBE and talk about how those periods of growth were the direct or indirect result of an idea or a plan that came from a seminar, a product or a consultation with someone I aligned myself with in order to learn.

I explain that while I am very comfortable reinvesting my net income into education, I do think it is important to choose carefully, and make good use of your investments.

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