Episode 446: “How has your mindset evolved since you first started your business?”

Today’s episode was  recorded Live from the stage during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Michele DeArment, who lives in Maryland in the US.  Michele wants to know how my mindset has evolved since I first got started as an entrepreneur until now as I run a global multi-million dollar business.

I talk about how I got started in 2008 with a very small investment and very little action taken; followed by watching others find success around me which motivated me to invest more and treat my business more seriously – which led to my first sale.

I discuss a strategy I have used over time where I leverage public accountability by announcing a goal I want to achieve; which motivates me and keeps me focused to meet those obligations.

I explain that I like to follow the teachings of other successful entrepreneurs and that helps to keep in a business mindset as I continue to grow MOBE.

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