Episode 447: “Do you have any intention of ever selling MOBE in the future?”

Today’s episode was  recorded in the film studio we created at the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member  Chan Nguyen Vong, who lives in Singapore.  Chan wants to know if I have any intention of ever selling MOBE in the future.

I talk about building a business as a franchise prototype because it creates an environment where your product is your business; as opposed to creating a business that is nothing more than self-created job.

I discuss the importance of documenting processes across the board so that your business can be self-sustaining and can operate without being branded directly to you.

I explain that while MOBE teams have documented processes across the board and I have taken steps to make MOBE less branded to me, I have no plans to step away from the business because I enjoy it too much.

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