Episode 448: “What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur who feels lost?”

Today’s episode was  recorded while riding an elephant during the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member Choon Seng Joel Teo, who lives in Singapore.  Joel wants to know what advice I have for a new entrepreneur who might be feeling a little overwhelmed and lost.

I talk about a trap that frequently happens to new entrepreneurs whereby they become overwhelmed by all of the educational opportunities and they purchase product after product in order to educate themselves; and then, before they know it, weeks have gone by and they have yet to generate any revenue.

I discuss the importance ignoring the shiny objects, making good use of the knowledge that you already have, and focusing on cash producing activities as your primary purpose each and every day.

I explain that the best way to avoid getting lost is to pick one traffic method, perfect that process and use the knowledge you gain from that experience to build your business.

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