Episode 45: “How do you come up with new topics to talk about in your emails?”

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You should never run out of things to email your list about each day. I challenged those at the http://SuperChargeSummit.com.au to give me some inanimate object, to prove that I could take ANYTHING and turn it into a promo for MOBE.

Someone said ‘the water jug.’ Another said ‘what you had for lunch.’ Then someone said ‘the air vent!’

Most in the room laughed thinking I’d struggle to do that. After 15 mins of sitting down on this, I had the email done:

SUBJECT: How an Air Vent made me a small fortune…

I’ll never forget it.

The year was 2008. I was a struggling university student, mowing lawns on the side of my university studies for 15 bucks / hour.

One day while on my bed I was staring up at the ceiling, and looking at an air vent.

I had one of those ‘epiphany’ moments.

The air vent is part of a ventilation and air-conditioning system.

In that system, there’s a thermostat. If the temperature of the room increases past the set temperature, the thermostat turns the air conditioning on.

If the temperate is too cold, it shuts the air conditioning off.

The thermostat ensure the temperature remains within a certain temperature range.

I realised in that moment that our own level of wealth works by a very similar system – only the ‘thermostat’ is our own mind set and comfort zone.

When people with a poverty consciousness have extra money come into their lives, they find ways to subconsciously get rid of it (eg. they go spend it on more ‘stuff’ they don’t need).

When they are lacking money, they look a little bit harder for new ways to create wealth.

Many people spend their entire lives stuck within a ‘comfort zone’ of wealth.

What I realised in that moment was that my own internal thermostat of wealth needed some serious adjustment.

I realised I was worth more than $15 / hour.

And in that moment, I got up off my bed, went to Google, and typed in ‘make money online.’

That one little act dramatically altered the rest of my life.

And it all began with me innocently looking at an air vent!

Here’s my promise to you:

If you make a decision right now to get started with MTTB and go through the 21 steps, and take the course seriously, it has the same potential to dramatically change YOUR life.

Many of the biggest shifts in wealth begin as small decisions and actions.

You have the decision to make right now – make the right one.

Get started now: http://mttb system. com/letter

As soon as you’ve done that, reply back to this email, and I’ll give you the next step.

Speak soon,

See? Any object can be turned into a promo!
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