Episode 457: “How can I differentiate myself from my competitors and stand out in this industry?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the film studio we created in my suite in Jamaica at the Diamond Mastermind  with Diamond member Ronald Smith, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US. Ron wants to know how he can differentiate himself from his competitors and stand out as a expert in this industry.

If you are new to this industry, I discuss why you should first set a goal to focus on one traffic method and master it until you can consistently get results. At that point, you can identify a specific skill that you have that can be leveraged to attract followers.

I talk about the advantage you have when you can offer a skill that will help others get started or help them overcome specific obstacles.

I explain ways that you can use your talents to brand yourself as a guru in that area, target a specific audience; and therefore stand out among your competitors and build a greater following.

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