Episode 458: “Would you recommend sharing your screen on Skype with a prospective client to help them make a buying decision?”

Today’s episode was recorded on beach during the  Platinum Mastermind  with Platinum member Han Zomerdijk, who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the US. Han wants to know what I think about offering to walk a client through the back offices of MOBE in order to show them how to navigate MOBE systems.

I explain that I think it is a great idea to offer a demonstration via skype as a bonus to someone on your list who has answered a call to action.

I offer several scenarios in which you could make an irresistible offer to show them a valuable skill they can use to help to get them started.

I talk about ways in which you can leverage your reputation as someone who can help to solve their challenges and show them how a top tier affiliate program works and place them in front of the offer that you are promoting.

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