Episode 465: “At what point did you recognize that you needed a mentor and how did go about choosing one?”

Today’s episode was recorded on beach during the  Platinum Mastermind  in St. Kitts with Platinum member Rodney Freed, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, in the US. Rodney wants to know at what point in the building of my business, did I realize that I needed a mentor and how do I go about finding the right mentors to advise me.

I explain that when I was first starting out, I wanted to do it on my own and I believed that I was saving money by learning all by myself.

I talk about the first time I decided to pay someone to advise me (a guy by the name of Daegan Smith); and how the success of that relationship and that experience showed me how naive I had been and how expensive it was for me to learn by trial and error.

I discuss how much I currently value educating myself – including being mentored by others – and how the right advice from the right source can greatly impact the growth of your business.

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