Episode 474: “How do you find valuable content to provide for your clients?”

Today’s episode was  recorded at the world famous Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort at the Diamond Mastermind  in Bali, Indonesia, with Diamond member Debbie Reed who lives in Louisiana in America. Debbie wants to know how I find good valuable content to share with my list of subscribers.

I explain that at this point in my career, I have spent so much time on the subject of internet marketing that I could talk for hours about most any topic relative to our niche.

I share that when I was new, I struggled to create good content on my own, so I had to rely on experts in the industry to help me and I used other people’s valuable content sometimes in my marketing – while ALWAYS giving credit to the original author.

I discuss the methods I use to create my own content now; using all that I have learned from personal experience and from others from whom I have learned.

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