Episode 475: “How can I help get my customers ‘unstuck’ between Steps 1 – 6?”

Today’s episode was recorded on beach during the  Platinum Mastermind  with Diamond member Estrella Granier, who lives in Maine in the in the US. Estrella wanted to know how to help her customers get “unstuck” when they stall their progress between Steps 1 and 6 of one of MOBE’s 21 Step programs.

I talk about strategies that you can use to seek out your customers and connect with them either via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other means of social media in order to encourage them to move forward.

I stress the importance of recognizing that it is nor your responsibility nor your role to step in as their coach or mentor – not to impede the natural coaching process that MOBE has set in place for your benefit.

I give an example of one of our very successful consultants who has had great success with finding his customers and encouraging them or offering support should they need it.

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