Episode 477: “Do you ever take time away from work and will you step away from MOBE after a certain point?”

Today’s episode was recorded on beach during the  Platinum Mastermind  with Platinum member Patricia Hughes, who lives in Indiana in the in the US. Patricia wants to know if I ever take time away from work to recharge and refresh and also if I have plans to step away from my business after I reach a certain goal.

I discuss my daily regimen and stress the importance of eating healthy and getting plenty of rest.

I talk about how even though I feel there is no substitute for hard work, there are things I do on a regular basis to unplug from my business because I recognize that I am much more productive when I am able to take breaks here and there.

I explain that I love what I do and that I have no plan to walk away once I reach certain thresholds with my business.

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