Episode 478: “How do you and your staff stay focused on your current path and avoid ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’?”

Today’s episode was recorded on beach during the  Platinum Mastermind  with Platinum member Jacques LePage, who lives in Canada. Jacques wants to know how I keep myself and my team focused on one thing and help them avoid the fear of missing out on the next new ‘Shiny Object’ to come along.

I explain that, in the early days, I had to realize that if I continued to jump to the next shiny object, all that did was waste time on the newest product – only to be faced with another new offer a few weeks later.

I talk about how I quickly learned that there would constantly be new offers coming out and I had a choice to waste my time jumping from one to another OR I could focus on my present business – making sure that I was consistently and diligently providing followup and great, valuable content to my subscribers in order to turn leads into customers.

I discuss the importance of leading by example and showing your audience the stability that comes from focusing on one thing and not being a marketer who jumps from one offer to the next.

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