Episode 481: “How do you research and create a profitable product on MOBE Marketplace?”

Today’s episode was recorded on beach during the  Platinum Mastermind in St. Kitts with Platinum member Ani Railkar, who lives in Pennsylvannia. Ani wants to know what is the best way to research and create a profitable product on MOBE Marketplace.

I discuss the concept of MOBE Marketplace, which is a product platform in the business training niche whereby experts create products and services to sell to small business owners.

I explain that the creators of products on MOBE Marketplace are experts in their own field; so if you were to create a product, it should be built around your own area of expertise.

I talk about how you can develop the product; either by writing an ebook or creating a series of webinars and making an information product around those videos – and then, as the most important part of the process; creating good sales copy for the marketing of your product.

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