Episode 485: “What do you need to do to receive an invitation to the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a Zip Line platform in the jungles of Costa Rica during the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat with Diamond consultant and one of MOBE’s top earners, Marcin Marczak, who lives in London. Marcin wants me to explain what it takes to get an invitation to a future MOBE Leaders’ Retreat.

I discuss the concept behind the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat, where we bring in MOBE’s top earners for 5 days of Mastermind networking, video asset creation, good food, and lots of fun activities.

I talk about the great value that our Top Earners are able to offer each other by sharing their own strategies for how each of them have become so successful in MOBE.

I explain that in order to be eligible to receive an invitation to this exclusive annual mastermind, to be held at the new MOBE resort in Costa Rica, you need to cross $100,000 in MOBE commissions.

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