Episode 489: “How can I take my years of teaching and training experience and utilize it on the MOBE stage?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage during the Diamond Mastermind in Costa Rica with Diamond member Bennie McDonald, who lives in Georgia in the USA. Bennie says that he has had many years experience teaching and training from the stage during his service in the United States Army; and he wants to know how he can utilize that skill within MOBE.

I talk about the skills you need to be able to speak before an audience; including but not limited to comfort with being on stage in front of an audience and a strong knowledge of the topic for which you are training.

I discuss ways in which you can create and promote your own live events.

I explain that in order to speak on the MOBE stage, you would need to provide video coverage from an event in which you spoke and were able to achieve some solid MOBE sales. Presented with that type of video footage, I would take that sort of application into consideration.

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