Episode 49: “What’s the difference between a click, an opt-in, and a subscriber? At what point does your phone sales team begin to work with our leads?”

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  1. Kenneth Mulkey says:

    This may be a question or questions that you would expect from a newbie but here goes anyways.

    1. I started advertising a few weeks ago (literally) for the first time sending out solo ads and I’m getting some response from the clicks but I’m not sure if it’s the right response so a little feedback on how I’m doing would be appreciated so I can adjust accordingly.

    2. Given that I am a new entrant to internet marketing and don’t know what to expect, since MOBE is doing the follow up for me and, as far as I know, there is no list to follow up with until MOBE turns the names and e-mails over to me. Or should I be getting a list addition with each opt-in and adding these now?