Episode 492: “What are the most important characteristics that an entrepreneur needs to have to be successful?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the film studio we created in the disco at Croc’s Casino and Resort during the Diamond Mastermind in Costa Rica with Diamond members Alice Adams and Janice Allen, who live in Texas in the USA. Alice and Janice run their MOBE business together as partners and they want to know what are the 2 most important characteristics that an entrepreneur should have in order to be successful.

I explain that every entrepreneur needs to be completely unafraid of making mistakes and willing to do things that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable in order to learn what will work best for them.

I talk about how often I see new marketers make the mistake of spending an extended amount of time learning what they need to do rather than implementing ideas by trial and error and learning by their mistakes.

I discuss the 2nd critical characteristic which is importance of understanding that the way you make sales is by promoting – and recognizing that you should always be promoting if you want to find success in your business.

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