Episode 494: “How do I determine which low level activities to delegate to my virtual assistant?”

Today’s episode was recorded during a highly selective bootcamp mentorship event that we held in Costa Rica recently. The question comes from Diamond member Russell Herbert who lives in California, in the USA. Russ wants to know how to determine which of your low level duties should you delegate to your virtual assistant and which duties you should continue to do yourself.

I explain that you want your own time spent on your revenue producing activities – such as any activity that will bring in a new customer to your team or any activity that would bring one of your leads closer to a buying decision.

I discuss how no one can write in your voice like you can and suggest that you continue to be the copywriter who communicates your valuable content to your audience.

I talk about the easiest non-revenue producing activities that can be handled by your VA; such as your accounting processes and other administrative tasks.

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