Episode 495: “What can I do to bring in funds for my traffic campaigns?”

Today’s episode was recorded during a highly selective bootcamp mentorship event that we held in Costa Rica recently. The question comes from Diamond member Alic Smith who lives in Wisconsin in the USA. Alic wants to know how to bring in funds to run his traffic campaigns.

I talk about how strapped I was for funds when I first started and share some of the odd jobs I did in order to bring in money so that I could keep promoting since I knew that I had to promote in order for my business to grow.

I explain that I always tried to take all of the commissions I made and re-invested those funds back into my business as I continued to test and learn what was working in my business and what wasn’t.

I discuss the value of creating a list of options you have for any source of funds to keep on promoting – including taking your current list and creating an irresistible offer that will compel your customers to buy which will bring an influx of cash into your business.

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