Episode 496: “What kind of assistant should I look for and how much should I pay them?”

Today’s episode was recorded during a highly selective bootcamp mentorship event that we held in Costa Rica recently. The question comes from Diamond member Jill Veverka who lives in California in the USA. Jill’s business has grown to the stage where she is ready to hire some additional help and wants to know what type of assistant she should hire and how much she should expect to pay them.

I discuss the importance of evaluating what you do on a daily basis and making a list of the things you could offload to an assistant so that you can focus on the more higher leveraged activities that bring in cash to your business.

I explain that you can find really good quality and inexpensive virtual assistants online; and share some of those resources.

I talk about how leveraging other people’s time was the key component for me to be able to scale up my business to global entity that is is today.

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