Episode 497: “When presenting a free strategy session to a prospective client, what questions should we ask to help close the deal?”

Today’s episode was recorded in a car in Costa Rica with Diamond partners Mike and Tania Passaglia who live in California in the USA. Mike and Tania came to Costa Rica to participate in one of our Group Mentorship programs. During the video, we are traveling to Sunset Del Mar, to take a tour of the new MOBE resort. Mike and Tania want to know what questions to ask when working face to face in a free strategy session with a prospective customer.

I discuss how a free strategy session with your potential customers can be a great way to build a relationship with your list.

I talk about the value of personal contact when trying to close a sale; but also point out that such strategies are not usually scalable.

I explain the importance of asking questions that allow the customer to tell you exactly what their problems are, give room for you to expand deeper into what they need, and then allow them to sell themselves by seeing that you can offer a solution to their problems.

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