Episode 499: “With an office in Malaysia, a resort in Costa Rica, and one planned for Figi, where will you live in the future?”

Today’s episode was recorded during a highly selective bootcamp mentorship event that we held in Costa Rica recently. The question comes from Diamond member Susan Larrabee who lives in Massachusetts in the USA. Susan wants to know where I am planning to live in the future after the two resort projects in Costa Rica and Fiji are completed.

I explain that I have learned a lot in the time we have spent developing the resort in Costa Rica – first and foremost that construction plans don’t always go as scheduled.

I talk about the fact that the resort in Fiji will take much longer to complete the final plans because it is a much larger property with lots of potential – and since it happens to be on an island, there will be many different challenges and lots more cost.

I discuss how well MOBE has progressed while I have been tied up in these real estate ventures because I have a strong team of managers to handle the day-to-day business. Therefore, my plan for the future is to spend time in all three locations – as well as many other spots on the globe.

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