Episode 501: “What big lessons did you learn during the renovation project at the new MOBE Resort?

Today’s episode was recorded on the grounds at the new MOBE resort, Sunset Del Mar, during the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat with Diamond consultants and MOBE’s top earners, Chris & Susan Beesley, who live in London. I had just given our MOBE Leaders a tour of the new MOBE resort and Chris and Susan wanted to know what I had learned during the purchase and renovation project at Sunset Del Mar.

I explain that the first thing I learned was that construction usually takes much longer than you ever expect it to and that often, the things that delay your progress are things that are completely out of your control.

I talk about the importance of making sure you have a very trusted team in place to oversee the entire process and who is familiar with the intricacies of such a project – especially the economics and culture the region.

I discuss my passion for this project and my vision for the future of MOBE events at our very own resorts – including an additional project we are currently working on in Fiji.

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