Episode 502: “What is your mindset for investing and how do you make your investment decisions?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the grounds of the new MOBE resort, Sunset Del Mar, during the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat with Diamond consultant and one of MOBE’s top earners, Shaqir Hussyin, who lives in London. Shaqir wants to know about my mindset for investing and wants to know how I make my investing decisions.

I explain that throughout the life of my business, I have made it a practice to reinvest most of my earnings back into my business in order to see it continue to grow.

I discuss how once I got to a point where I had set aside enough cash reserves to safeguard my MOBE business, I began to investigate other asset classes in which to invest my wealth. That was when I began to strategically invest in real estate holdings that could work in conjunction with MOBE mastermind events.

I talk about some of the other asset classes that I utilize in order to diversify and protect my wealth.

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