Episode 503: “What advice do you have for turning around an unprofitable business?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the grounds of the new MOBE resort, Sunset Del Mar, during the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat with Diamond consultant and one of MOBE’s top earners, Edrick Yu, who lives in Hong Kong. Edrick wants to know what kind of advice I have for a consultant whose current marketing expenses are exceeding their incoming sales proceeds.

I explain that the simple answer to that is simply this: Better Followup.

I discuss the importance of the following things: daily and consistent correspondence to your list, presenting them with irresistible offers, and always offering valuable content that can help them solve any problems they may have.

I offer other suggestions for making your business more profitable, such as presenting webinars, offering free strategy sessions, and finding other creative ways to engage them and bring in more sales.

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