Episode 504: “What is the best way to hire good quality people to help you take your business to the next level?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the grounds of the new MOBE resort, Sunset Del Mar, during the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat with Diamond consultant and one of MOBE’s top earners, Adeline Sugianto, who lives in Indonesia. Adeline is a long time MOBE consultant who has taken the things she learned from MOBE and applied them to a successful e-commerce business. Adeline wants to know what is the best way to hire a good team that can take your business to the next level.

I explain the importance of being diligent when hiring for a new role because the cost of hiring the wrong person for your business can be extremely expensive.

I talk about several of the methods I have implemented to hire staff for specific roles within my organization and describe some of the various testing I put the applicants through in order to weed our the lesser qualified ones.

I share some of the various resources that I have utilized when searching for specific positions and why some are better for lower level staff members and some are better for higher executive positions.

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