Episode 510: “What is the key to figuring out the best money generating promotions for your business?”

Today’s episode was recorded on stage during the first Titanium Mastermind in Costa Rica at the new MOBE Resort, Sunset Del Mar, with Diamond member Takashi Sasaki, who lives in New Jersey in the USA. Takashi wants to know the key to determining the best money generating activity to use for your monthly promotions.

I discuss my own practice of promoting – which is to promote regular contests across the board to various different groups of people that I am associated with – such contests that we hold every month for our consultants in MOBE; as well as our level 1 phone coaches, our level 2 business coaches, and our traffic coaching team.

I explain my philosophy for “buying revenue” – where I have to determine what amount I am willing to spend in order to achieve a certain result and, then I further expand on the mindset you must have regarding your marketing budget.

I talk about looking at the overall, broad view of promoting; whereby you focus on your results over the long term and also where you learn to leverage your successes to use in your future promotions.

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