Episode 512: “What is the best way to attract people to click on your ad instead of someone else’s?”

Today’s episode was recorded on stage during the first Titanium Mastermind in Costa Rica at the new MOBE Resort, Sunset Del Mar, with Titanium member Percy So, who lives in Hong Kong. Percy wants to know if there is a secret to getting people to click on your ad instead of someone else’s.

I explain that the best ads I have seen are on Facebook where the call to action is to comment on the post – or to message you personally.

I talk about how I respond when I get those messages, and how I engage the person and see what it is that I can do to solve their problems. Then I offer a solution.

I discuss how I think the best and most attractive ad is one that tells a story of your transformation – and how you were able to make a change in your life from wherever you to – to wherever you are now. Then you can share how you can help to transform them also.

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