Episode 516: “What drives you to be committed to your consultants’ success?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage during the Platinum Mastermind in St. Kitts with Platinum member Kelly Fleetwood, who lives in Texas in the USA. Kelly wants to know what drives me to be so committed to the success of our MOBE consultants.

I share some of my history from where I first got involved in affiliate marketing with a company similar to MOBE where I invested in their affiliate program and learned the basics from the ground up – which explains why I understand how it feels to be in the shoes of a new marketer.

I explain that after participating in that program, I wanted to build a better program for consultants that would offer more done for you services – such as having a telephone coaching team to convert leads for all consultants.

I discuss how the concept was to create a program that would offer our consultants the best support and services so that they could be successful if they followed the lessons of their coaches. My goal was have our consultants be as successful as possible – because their success is my success!

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