Episode 517: “How do I get my current list to be more responsive?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage during the Platinum Mastermind in St. Kitts with Diamond member Ellen Rodman, who lives in Chicago, Illinois in the USA. Ellen wants to know how she can get her current list to be more responsive.

I talk about the importance of emailing your list everyday and understanding that a large percentage of the people on your list are never going to buy from you so you need to not worry about them, but speak to the ones who might.

I explain that you need to evaluate the content of your email marketing and making sure that you are offering valuable content to your audience that includes a subject line that will draw their attention to your email and will make them want to open the email and read it.

I discuss the crucial component of your email: Are you making an irresistible offer that will intrigue your audience? I offer some guidance on how to meet this criteria.

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