Episode 52: “When someone unsubscribes from my list, should I delete them or try to save them?”

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  1. Nathan Eligoulashwily says:

    Very well explained. Thank you Matt. Nathan from Guatemala.

  2. Yes,it was a very good question.
    And I would have been in the middle. I never look at myself as a people pleaser. I will remember
    this and try to take inventory of
    my thought pattening.
    Always, the biggest room is im-
    provenment. I want to prosper in
    this business, and to walk among
    wise men I will be wiser.

    Mr. Matt, you just amazes me, with your wisdom and understand to move
    forward and conquer. Yes, to conquer I like this, very much.

    Thank you,

    Sharon P.

  3. Sydney says:

    Exceptionally well put there Matt. Pure Gold

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